Why Wellnomix?

Established in March 2006, Wellnomix is a niche player in the rapidly growing South African Employee Wellbeing market.  Born in Kwazulu Natal the organisation focuses on delivering services in KZN but works with best of breed associates throughout South Africa.

WELLNOMIX offers a bouquet of new generation wellness solutions, including:

  • Wellbeing Support Services – supporting new and existing wellness initiatives such as Health and Wellness Talks; Wellness Screening; HIV Counselling and Testing and similar
  • Wellbeing Programmes – Comprehensive wellness programmes – 1 stop delivery
  • Macro Wellbeing Consulting – For organisations needing to start a wellness programme / align an existing programme

Investing in Employee Wellbeing initiatives are recognised by the South African government depending on the type and intensity of the intervention. In this regard a Wellnomix client since January 2007, Ms Denise Gould from Pelican Systems said: “For a company that is measured by the Generic Scorecard for BEE, and has zero score for ownership and management control which is 30% of the rating, it is very important to maximise scores in the other 5 elements.

The spend on our Wellnomix programme has enabled us to score the full 5 points for socio-economic development for the past 5 years, and at the same time provides us as a company and our employees with an invaluable support system to ensure that we are informed and conscious about our health and the health of those close to us.

The testing, counselling and support for chronic conditions is highly valued and recognised by our employees.

Wellnomix in my view is a necessity for any company that really cares about their employees.”

Mr Mike Todd Managing Directors of IFUBA Products (Pty) Ltd said: “We have successfully utilized our Wellnomix premiums as contributions towards Socio Economic Development points on our BEE scorecard. All Wellnomix interventions are a structured programme concerning all our staff irrespective of job title or earnings capacity and as such, depending on your company racial profile, earns points on the abridged scorecard. We view Wellnomix as an integral part of our wholistic BEE plan while simultaneously ensuring a health wise better informed & monitored staff.”

For more detailed information see Services and as illustrated below Wellnomix offer wellness solutions to every part of conventional wellness components required. Solutions are sourced or tailored internally and externally where more effective solutions are available depending on the specific situation.

Wellnomix provides free electronic support excluding any additional costs to Wellnomix for solutions not already part of Wellnomix.

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