Organisations employ people to mobilise resources to achieve strategic objectives such as:

  • Maximising PROFITS
  • Protecting BOTTOM LINE
  • Optimising PRODUCTIVITY
  • Delivering SERVICES

However, people experience CHALLENGES or obstacles which impact negatively on their ability to deliver their part in achieving these objectives, often INCREASING ABSENTEEISM and more importantly leading to SUB-OPTIMAL PRODUCTIVITY.

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These challenges can usually be linked directly or indirectly to their PERSONAL WELLBEING. Wellbeing can generally be categorised into a number of wellbeing realms such as PHYSICAL, FINANCIAL, EMOTIONAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, OCCUPATIONAL, INTELLECTUAL, SOCIAL and SPIRITUAL wellbeing.

Globally organisations employ WELLNESS STRATEGIES to MINIMISE and MANAGE the IMPACT of these challenges.

Wellbeing is a KEY SUCCESS FACTOR for organisations today. In the dynamic economic and global environment organisations compete  in, maximising return on investment in human capital is of fundamental importance making employee health and wellbeing an imperative.

“There is a significant amount of published literature supporting:

  • A definite correlation between:
    • Health Risk and Health Cost
    • Absenteeism and Presenteeism (lost productivity for ill health and / or lifestyle related matters)
  • Presenteeism as a 300% – 1000%  more powerful drain on bottom line than absenteeism
  • Employee wellbeing programmes as being effective in bringing about healthy behaviour change and consequently reduced absenteeism, presenteeism and healthcare costs”        (source: HealthInSite)

A Summex Corporation (now WebMD) meta analysis of 42 studies involving over 500,000 employees suggests a cost benefit ratio of 3-5 : 1 (for R1 spent a potential return of R3-R5 in bottom line savings) From a Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility, Employee Retention and HIV & AIDS Management perspective it is increasingly accepted that human capital management should be considered a core business strategy.

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