After another successful WAD campaign for many, many will go back to abstaining from sex if they can; being faithful to their partners; and / or using condoms; controlling disease if and when they become aware of STIs that may be present in their relationships and many will be taking their treatment daily.

But is this the calm before the storm?

The tide has clearly turned when it comes to the HIV & AIDS epidemic but in reality the SA HIV Prevalence is almost as high as ever. This can ironically be attributed (at least in part) to  the success of treatment strategies which have resulted in  lower AIDS-related Death rates which in turn has resulted in more people living with the disease. But, they are living!!!

Now that things are looking better, the global recession has led to a significant withdrawal of donor funding which makes this more complicated of course. AIDS activist and popular lead singer of the group U2, Bono, is making a stand again. Read more

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