Getting staff to do exercise and eat right can be very difficult but if you get it right it may mean:


  • Decreased sick leave and increased productivity for EMPLOYERS


  • Improved quality of life and life expectancy for EMPLOYEES


It you agree with the above you may need to consider an Employee Fitness Challenge.

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Wellnomix offers the FIT2Bwell Fitness Challenge to encourage employees to:

  • Improve their eating habits
  • Increase their physical activity
  • Improve their Body Composition through:
    • Reduced excess body fat tissue
    • Increased lean weight if appropriate
  • Aim for a healthy body weight
  • Increase their cardiovascular fitness
  • Increase their lower-back flexibility
  • Increase their abdominal conditioning
  • Increase their lower-body endurance

Although this is a tall order Wellnomix has the expertise and experience to assist you with a professional, ethically sound, scientific and fun fitness challenge.

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