Healthy staff means increased profits; -productivity; -competitiveness; happy staff; a happy Board; improved staff retention; less sick leave and fewer IR conflicts… only some praises propagated for workplace wellness programmes however paying lip service or simply ticking the wellness box may leave you bleeding on your bottom line.
An effective workplace wellness programme should be efficiently:
• structured
• all inclusive
• communicated
• managed
• measured
• adapted if it does not yield the results it is designed for

Many organisations in South Africa reaps the benefits of effective wellness programmes but many are simply wasting resources and not getting the returns for their investment and / or the fantastic rewards of an effective workplace wellness programme.

Some organisations
• invest in effective outsourced solutions BUT neglect to take ownership of their programme
• established in-house programmes that are often under resourced and / or not actively
– represented at all levels from Labour to Executive Management
– structured to include carrots and sticks for all stakeholders
– managed actively, daily / weekly / monthly or at least annually
– measured against itself longitudinally and others in similar industries

Wellnomix offers WORKPLACE WELLNESS AUDITS to identify pitfalls in existing programmes to turn the programmes around and offers guidance for new effective workplace wellness programmes. For more information contact us on +27 (31)-701 2319 / 084-626 8074 /