Know Your Numbers Campaigns 

Empower your staff to make positive health and lifestyle decisions

Blood Pressure Measurent


A small part of our Blood Pressure Management Programme




Corporate Massage Services

Tailor your office, conference, event massage regime like you deem best



Health & Wellness Talks

Topics include: Anti-Tobacco / Arthritis / Back Awareness – Posture Perfect / Breast Health / Candlelight Memorial Talks / Diabetes / Exercise / Weight Loss vs Fat Loss / Healthy Lifestyles / High Blood Pressure / High Cholesterol / HIV & AIDS


Corporate Fitness Challenges

FIT2Bwell Fitness Challenge are tailored to encourage employees to: Improve their eating habits and / or Body Composition / Increase their cardiovascular fitness and / or lower-back flexibility and / or abdominal conditioning and / or lower-body endurance

WELLNOMIX where WELLness should make ecoNOMIc sense.

Based in Durban Kwazulu Natal since 2006, we focus on providing quality workplace wellness solutions to people in the greater Durban area although we have delivered services in many places between Kosi Bay, Newcastle and Umtata

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For healthier staff in 2018 consider a
Know Your Numbers


Our support services includes

    • Know your number campaigns
    • Take Control Personal Safety Workshops
    • Workplace Fitness Challenges
    • Workplace Massage Services
    • Sick Note Validation
    • Corporate Sick Leave Support Services
    • Wellness Days
    • Workshops & Health Talks
    • Q&A with a Fitness Expert
    • Print Campaigns
    • Personal Consulting

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 Ongoing support

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  Ongoing support 

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1 Hour workshops 

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 1 Hour workshops 

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